“I can will knowledge, but not wisdom; submission, but not humility; self-assertion, but not courage; congratulations, but not admiration; religiosity, but not faith; reading, but not understanding; physical nearness, but not emotional closeness; dryness, but not sobriety.”

—   Ernest Kurtz

The Order of the Pug

During a late night Googling pug dogs in history (I live with one, so I’m trying to learn more about it), I stumbled upon a Wikipedia article about a secret society founded in the 1700s called The Order of the Pug. (I highlighted my favorite parts. And I thought college fraternity rituals were weird.)

Members called themselves Mops (the German for Pug), novices were initiated wearing a dog collar and had to scratch at the door to get in. The novices were blindfolded and led around a carpet with symbols on it nine times while the Pugs of the Order barked loudly to test the steadiness of the newcomers. During the initiation, the novices also had to kiss a Pug’s (porcelain) backside under its tail as an expression of total devotion. Members of the Order carried a Pug medallion made of silver. In 1745, the secrets of the order were “exposed” in a book published in Amsterdam with the title L’ordre des Franc-Maçons trahi et le Secret des Mopses révélé which included the ritual and two engravings illustrating their rite.

And Mops-Orden accepted women as members! I’m in.

The man married up.

Non-NYC things I did this weekend in the suburbs

  • Ate terrible Chinese takeout with the fake soy sauce packets made with salt and black food coloring. What in the world is egg foo young?
  • Sipped Johnnie Walker Black Label from my friend’s boyfriend’s parents’ massive in-house bar.
  • Drank an Oprah Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks and really enjoyed it. (It tastes like real tea; not sickly sweet chai syrup.)
  • Walked two pomeranians in the park.
  • Ate McDonald’s McNuggets at a rest stop and tried a milkshake for the first time.
  • Sat in a black Chevy Suburban (from the suburbs, natch) on the way to upstate New York.
  • Screamed for two hours straight at Headless Horseman, a haunted house and hayride attraction that involved way too many chainsaws, dead bodies in hospitals, and zombies chasing me. Worth it.
  • Looked up at the Hudson Valley night sky and stargazed momentarily in a corn maze before being chased by a scarecrow covered in blood.
  • Hypothesized with my friend about how we would have turned out had we gone to Vassar College instead. I really don’t think we’re as in control of our own destinies as we think we are.
Today was a very good day in the suburbs. #poms (at Memorial Park)
Okay, you’re no Paris, but not bad, Brooklyn. 👌 (at Grand Army Plaza)

“Dreaming of being a billionaire is a failure of imagination. We need to dream of a world in which being a billionaire is not the only answer to all of our problems.”

—   Dr. Micki McKee, sociologist at Fordham University


NYFW SPRING 2015 - DELPOZO (details)



The goal is to become the kind of person that wears Delpozo everyday.